ThermOhm heat generating paint application

ThermOhm is an alternative heat source which can be easily applied on surfaces to give warmth on spots where heaters are difficult to or can’t be placed or for people with an aesthetic appreciation for minimalism in homes, offices etc.

We at LitCoat are constantly searching for new or better products in electroluminescent but also in the color changing paint or paramagnetic paint.

The newest is our color changing paint with the latest colors in the automotive industry namely: Undercurrent Blue or Abyss Black.
Our new product consists 2 paints: ThermOhm a heat generating paint and Thermo color paint a color changing paint.

The combination of these two water-based paints give a whole new and easy way to create specialized art effects on cars, motorbikes, walls, paintings etc. It also provides color changing car by remote, app or mobile phone

Logo’s, art, drawings are hidden until the paint reaches a specific temperature which will then reveal your art works.
The application is from principle very simple as shown here below: