How to make electroluminescent paint

How to make Electroluminescent paint is actually something very simple, cheap, and not that difficult to apply. LitCoat formulates how to produce the EL paint and all the steps in how to apply, that being said and as such: EL paint are layers working together and as such there is no “EL paint” itself.

With obtaining the EL packages you can make electroluminescent paints.
With providing our raw materials you just would need to mix it with your own paints and you can do this even on a very small scale.

Now you can make/manufacturer it in your own country and explore the amazing opportunities within the electroluminescent applications.

How to make electroluminescent paint

From principle and logic it can be applied as show in the application option below:

(1) Layer 1
For the first layer please read: Conductive paint and busbar and How to apply and mask the first conductive layer.
LitCoat 1 under-beneath
(2) Layer 2 please read also: How to apply and mask the isolating/dielectric layer
LitCoat 2 Isolator
(3)  Layer 3
LitCoat 3 Pigment
(4)  Layer 4
LitCoat 1 above-top
(5) Layer 5- (use your own clear coat)
Protecting cleat coat

Power connection

From principle it is actually simple to apply. You will need to develop your own feeling for it as it needs practice to get your handle on it.

LitCoat will enable interested parties to commercialize electroluminescent paint in the huge growing demand at the lowest cost.

The brightness of the surface appears the same from all angles of view; electroluminescent light is not directional and therefore hard to compare with (thermal) light sources measured in lumens or lux. The light emitted from the surface is perfectly homogeneous and is well-perceived by the eye. EL paint produces single-frequency (monochromatic) light that has a very narrow bandwidth, is absolutely uniform and visible from a great distance.

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