Price 4x4oz EL paint starter kit US$189 for airbrush & HVLP +Free Shipping

EL paint kit: Stop paying silly high prices for light emitting paint systems. (EL) electroluminescent paint kit starts at US$189.- for airbrush & HVLP +Free Shipping worldwide.

We received many inquiries with requests for light emitting paint testing sets and/or small EL paint test kits and or paint samples. Therefore we make those samples available to the public at the lowest cost to evaluate our superiority of our offerings.

LitCoat is taking away the limitation in the EL paint system application method, as it is environment friendly and “NON hazardous” , it is aqueous based. (An aqueous solution is a solution in which the solvent is water).

Being “NON hazardous” is a huge advantage for the user in the application.

(this is because harsh solvent based EL paints involve harmful solvents and hazardous chemicals during the application and cleanup process.)

Light to been seen improves visibility and can be life-saving, especially on motorcycles, cars and helmets.

LitCoat will enable interested parties to commercialise EL paint in the huge growing demand at the lowest cost.

The brightness of the surface appears the same from all angles of view; electroluminescent light is not directional and therefore hard to compare with (thermal) light sources measured in lumens or lux. The light emitted from the surface is perfectly homogeneous and is well-perceived by the eye. EL paint produces single-frequency (monochromatic) light that has a very narrow bandwidth, is absolutely uniform and visible from a great distance.