How to apply masking tape for your LitCoat EL Application.

Depending on which surface you want to apply your LitCoat EL application, the appliance of the masking tape is always the same.

We would recommend to do a test first to get a better understanding how the LitCoat electoluminescent sequence works and to understand the electrical connections needed.

LitCoat EL Application

LitCoat 1 Conductive Layer Masking.

Supplies needed:

A aluminium sheet, Transparent acrylic ,plexiglass panel or Speed shape.
Masking tape: 1.41 inch = 3.5cm. & 3/4 inch = approx 2 cm. (We use frog tape as this masking tape prevents bleeding).
Copper Tape.
Scissor or razor blade.

Use the small 3/4 inch.(2cm.) Tape to mask the surface

After the tape is applied clean the surface with IPA from any fingerprints and dust.
Masking tape on an aluminium sheet, plexiglass panel or Speed shape.

Step 1 Masking tape
Connection points for el inverter

Copper tape connection points to connect the electricity

How to apply LitCoat 1 Power remittance paint,LitCoat conductive layer