Paint Electro Luminescent Coating

Agent, distributor, re seller, appointed sole agent contract

These are inquiries we receive very often.

How to become LitCoat re-seller for your country?

With buying 1 package: 4×1 Gallon Royal King Bundle You can be sole distributor in your country.

Once you have bought the package of US$2998.- We put your details on our website and you need to have your own country specific internet domain. (ccTLD)

we will place full translated copy from our website in your own language on your website.
We will use the translation for your country language, that we copy from the google translator and place it, as original content in your website.

(On the bottom of the page in the footer you will see and can test the translator for your own country language.)
You just need to correct mistakes and correct the translation and can start selling your own paint locally.

With this, you have the most powerful tool to operate in your country. We will help you to be listed on your country search Engines, that is why your website must be in your own language to rank on first page.

Once you have : 4×1 Gallon Royal King Bundle

Your COST price is very cheap:
4 x 32 oz LC1
4 x 32 oz LC2
4 x 32 oz LC3
4 x 32 oz LC4

You make your own prices…or and provide training too….

We inform clients from your country that we have YOU as the local LitCoat agent.
We very well understand that your success is our success in your country.


Turn your own car paint brand into electroluminescent paint.