Want to be a dealer ?

Opportunity Calling !

Adopt our simple yet unique business approach. Here the opportunity itself knocks at your doorstep. Increase your business prospects by us and open the gateway to thrive as an entrepreneur. If you have the drive to excel, then join us now. Because you are just a step away from diversifying your business. Our business model/concept is B2B and re-sellers can go for B2C.

Everyone may become “dealer” / re-seller to make his/her own business.

There are distinctive differences in our product groups.
1) LitCoat  – Coating system – paint that lights up – Leuchtlack system
2) ThermOhm – Heat Generating Paint – wärmeerzeugende Farbanwendung


How to become dealer?

For LitCoat – With buying this package: Royal King Bundle You can be litcoat agent/distributor/re-seller in your own country. With this, you have the most powerful tool to operate in your country. Produced manufactured in your own country. You make your own prices…or and provide training too….

For ThermOhm – With buying this package: 1 gallon ThermOhm  You can be ThermOhm agent/distributor/re-seller in your own country.

How to become “Exclusive” dealer?

The advantage is that you would be the only one in your country/state to whom we would sell our products. That’s why it is “Exclusive”. No worries that your competition is buying it from us, they would need to buy it from you. We also could redirect web-visitors to our website from your country to your website.

For “Exclusive” dealership, you would need to buy several Royal King Packages and/or ThermOhm packages and is depending on the country.
You would need to have professional and/or related background.
Please contact us if you want be the exclusive agent/distributor/re-seller in your own country.  We are always looking for the right reliable partners as this is huge unseen opportunity worldwide.
We very well understand that your success is our success in your country.


Turn your own car paint brand into electroluminescent paint.